Implementation of e-Platform (ACVP)

  1. Graduates are given the autonomy to decide whether to “Opt-out” using ACVP service in advance (the application period for 2022/23 graduates is scheduled in November 2023) on a one-off basis arrangement;
  2. The electronic version of award certificates will not be uploaded to ACVP for graduates who indicated their ‘Opt-out’ preference through the online form;
  3. Once your ‘Opt-out’ preference is recorded, it will be non-reversible and non-revocable;
  4. In future, after the one-off pre “Opt-out” arrangement and upload process, you may still Deactivate the service anytime via ACVP whenever needed;
  5. Both decision of “Opt-out” and/or Deactivate the service from using ACVP decision are non-reversible non-revocable;
  6. No make-up request to the University will be entertained. Your un-uploaded or removed credential(s) will not be able to be re-uploaded again, so please think carefully before executing the "Opt-out" or Deactivate decision;
  7. The University will only issue and upload the electronic version of award certificates to ACVP for graduates who did not “Opt-out” from ACVP;
  8. Graduates can have full control to and share their credentials with future employers or educational institutions for further study via QR codes, URLs or PDF files generated from ACVP; and
  9. Third parties employers or educational institutions can access the credential on ACVP via the above mentioned methos. Sharing parameters are defined by the graduates on their own preferences.
Example of Sharing Credentials