About Registry

Vision and Guiding Values


Our vision is to develop and maintain efficient and quality academic support services to facilitate the University to achieve its overall Vision.  We are committed to developing the University as a vibrant, caring, learning and responsible community, to raise its status and quality of service, particularly in the areas of student admissions, student records and assessment administration, and to support the quality assurance of academic programmes as well as teaching and learning including the enhancement of a quality culture.

Guiding Values

  • Sensitive to the needs and aspirations of the University, and responsive to the changes required. 
  • Delivering efficient, cost-effective and courteous services to students, staff and the public. 
  • Providing an open, helpful and efficient system to process applications for admission, and adopting pro-active measures to attract good quality students to the courses of the University. 
  • Collaborating effectively with schools and other organizations, locally and internationally, to facilitate the development of the University in raising its status and quality of education. 
  • Maintaining close ties with all sectors of the University to enhance communication, and to operate collaborative functions. 
  • Enhancing effectiveness in administration through the use of information technology where appropriate. 
  • Committed to the on-going professional development of all staff in the Registry.