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Welcome to the Registry homepage of The Education University of Hong Kong. Striving to achieve the University's vision, we serve as one of the most important sections of the orchestra that facilitates the joy of learning and teaching in our Campus.
In short, our work covers a comprehensive range of activities including the recruitment of quality students, implementation of academic policies and regulations, assessment and student records administration, timetabling arrangements, secretarial support to university-level committees, support to academic quality assurance and organization of the Congregation. The Registry works in close collaboration with Faculties, Departments and other administrative units in the University to deliver quality work and services. With the University's vision in mind, we strive to provide accountable, efficient and professional services to our prospective students, students, graduates, staff members and the public. With a will to engaging in on-going professional development among ourselves, we see ourselves as a learning organization that contributes to the preparation of competent educational professionals for the future. We hope that this website will serve as an "all-in-one" service centre for you. Hope you can experience the richness of the information as set out in respective sections of this website.
Prof Eric Tsang
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