Language Proficiency Requirement

Language Proficiency Requirement

Language Proficiency Requirement for outbound exchange students

All EdUHK students enrolled in full-time undergraduate programmes (both government-funded and self-funded) can apply for exchange programme. 

Some exchange institutions may set specific requirements on language proficiency (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, JLPT, TOPIK, etc). Students are required to submit valid proof on language proficiency (e.g. language test result) in the online application form if they would like to be considered for those institutions. 

If applicants intend to be on exchange to institutions without language requirements, proof on language proficiency will then not be required. For the specific language requirements, please refer to the Annex 1 (List of Host Institutions) in the Application & Eligibility section of the Outbound Exchange.

Common language proficiency test:

Time for taking the test

Prior registration is needed while seats for each test date can be filled quickly. Besides, as it takes time to receive the test result, to ensure the test result can be ready BEFORE the application deadline of Student Exchange Programmes, interested students are strongly advised to take the corresponding exam(s) at the earliest convenience.

Validity of English test result

English test result that will expire by 30 June (inclusive) of the exchange application year (e.g. 30 June 2024 for SEP 2024/25), it would be considered as invalid for main round and second round. Students with invalid English test results will not be considered for institutions with English requirements unless other language proofs can also accepted by those institutions.

Language proficiency letter from EdUHK's professor

Some partner universities accept a letter from the EdUHK academic staff for certifying students' language proficiency. Applicants may contact instructor/ professor and explain the purpose of the letter to him/her. It is not a must to find an instructor or professor from language departments but he/she should have opportunities to observe your language ability. The language proficiency letter has to be submitted with applicants' online application. Please refer to the Download Area for outbound exchange for the sample language proficiency letter. 

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