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Excellent results for FHM in RGC’s research funding schemes in 2023/24

  • 05 Jul, 2023
  • Recognitions & Achievements
  • Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities (FHM) has demonstrated notable success in the 2023/24 exercise of the General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Scheme (ECS) administered by the Research Grants Council (RGC).


A total of HK$7.14 million funding was awarded to 11 projects under FHM. The funding amount is the highest over the years since the establishment of FHM in 2012.


The 11 awarded projects cover diversified subject disciplines including Humanities and Arts, Psychology and Linguistics, and Education.



Project title

Dr Chan Chu Kwong (CHL)

The Narrative Study on the Dialogical Records between Confucius and the Ancients in the Excavated Chu Bamboo Slips

*Dr Ding Hongdi (CHL)

A Typological Perspective on Bridging Repetition of Tibeto-Burman Languages

Dr Fung King Tat Daniel (ELE)

A Multivariate Longitudinal Study on the Listening Problems and Listening Strategies of First-year Tertiary EMI Students

Prof Gu Ming Yue Michelle (ELE)

Youth Digital Literacy Practices, Online Social Networking and Well-being: Antecedents, Patterns and Interplay

*Dr Huang Fanglei Corey (ELE)

The Multimodal Discourses of Public Mental Health Campaigns in Hong Kong

Dr Law Yin Ling (CHL)


Dr Lee Kwing Lok Albert (LML)

Tonal Effects on Articulation: Acoustic Analysis, Ultrasound Data, and Articulatory Synthesis

Dr Liao Xian (CHL)

Executive Functions in Writing from Cross-Linguistic Sources among College Students

Dr Ma Qing (LML)

Investigating Student Teachers’ TPACK Development for Corpus Technology and Their Self-efficacies for Independent Language Learning and Teaching: A Mixed Method Study

*Dr Qiao Shen (ELE)

Not Just Fun, But Learning: Design-based Research on Designing Collaborative Immersion-oriented Gamification in English Language Education

Dr Yan Jing (CHL)

Impact of Explicit Instruction and Task Repetition on Non-Chinese Speaking Students’ Oral Interaction: A Quasi-Experimental Study

*Principal investigator of the Early Career Scheme (ECS)