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Chinese Religions and Culture

(For current Undergraduate students only)




Aims and Objectives

Through offering this Minor, the Department of Literature and Cultural Studies aims to provide a platform for our students to deepen their understanding of popular religious beliefs and customs in Chinese culture. By studying the three major religions in China, including Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, their impact on ancient and modern Chinese cultural history, and the cultural collision and religious transformation after the spread of Western religions in China, students will grasp the way religions and culture influence the life of Chinese as a whole. Students will also gain a more comprehensive understanding of the background of the composition and the concept of Chinese traditional culture through cultural modules.


Since the restructuring of the Faculty of Humanities, the teaching and learning of “culture” has become one of the major focuses of the Faculty’s development. Chinese religions, with a strong secular tendency, are closely related to cultural development. Therefore, LCS proposes to pass its research expertise in “religion” and “culture” to students through the CRC Minor. This training plays an important role in holistic education. Through this programme, the department aims to equip future teachers with critical religious and cultural awareness.

No. of cps Required15 cps
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List of Courses taken as Minor


Students who wish to obtain a Minor in Studies on Chinese Religions and Culture have to complete 15 cps (5 courses) offered from the following list.


Course CodeCourse Titlecps
CUS4019中國思想: 原典選讀**3

**CUS1001 and CUS4019, which are Major Core of BEd(CL) (Programme Code: A5B060), are only applicable for non-BEd(CL) students to be the Electives for Minor.  

**CUS1001, which is Major Core of BA(Lang Studies) (Programme Code: A4B067), is only applicable for non-BA(Lang Studies) students to be the Electives for Minor. 

**HIS3030 and HIS4048 which are Major Core of BEd(CHI HIST) (Programme Code: A5B083), are only applicable for non-BEd(CHI HIST) students to be the Electives for Minor.




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