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Research Postgraduate

☆ Applying for Research Postgraduate study in LCS

Applications are welcome from 1 September 2024 through 1 December 2024 Contact your future supervisor now!


The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies seeks qualified applicants for doctoral study in the areas of the department’s expertise, including literature, history, and cultural studies. To express your interest, approach the Acting Head of Department, Dr Fung Chi Wang ( or particular staff members related to your research area.


Prospective Supervisors

Many members of the department are available to supervise projects. However, the following LCS members are actively seeking advisees and are eager to hear from potential candidates:


Au Chung To (aka C. T. Au) has been working on two distinct yet intersecting areas: Comparative Chinese modernisms and the Chinese literary traditions in recent years. She is interested in several research topics that are directly downstream from these two research areas, including Hong Kong modernism, Taiwanese modernism, Macau modernism, the lyrical tradition and the yongwu tradition, travelogues, colonial/postcolonial studies, magical realism, and the ordinary (home, food, medicine, clothes, and etc.). All students interested in these research topics could send her their research statements for discussion.


Bidisha Banerjee’s research interests include postcolonial and migration studies, particularly in the South Asian context, as well as photography studies and visual culture. She welcomes project proposals from prospective students who are interested in studying postcolonial feminist fictions and theory, South Asian diasporic film and literature and the refugee graphic novel. Her projects and publications can be found here.


Jeffrey Clapp pursues research on modern and contemporary literature in English, particularly in the United States. He welcomes applications from prospective students who are interested in researching English language literature in relationship to contemporary political and technological change. He would also consider applications related to the world literature in English, the digital humanities, and literature education at the tertiary level. Prospective advisees could check out his recent work on the novelists Jeff VanderMeer (2020) or social annotation technology (2020)


Fung Chi Wang's main research areas include literature and thought during the Tang and Song Dynasty as well as Chinese culture and religion. He specializes in the research method of combining internal and external factors of literature, for example the study of the relationship between Confucianism and literature, the analysis of etiquette and the concept of ghost. Dr. Fung has published and edited around 10 books and he has published more than 30 academic essays. He is most interested in guiding research topics that combine classical Chinese literature and intellectual history. Dr. Fung’s works are available here.


Haifeng Aaron SHANG studies intellectual history, focusing on intersections between literature, arts, material culture, and religion. He specializes in the study of Sinographic texts pertaining to the East Asia cultural sphere. He welcomes applicants interested in East Asian classics and familiar with literature studies, history, philosophy, and philology. His most well-known work is “The Initial Integration between Incense, Zen and Poetry from Huang Tingjian in the Northern Song Dynasty to Sankokusyo in the Muromachi Period.”


Kelly Tse specialises in postcolonial and world literatures (East and Southeast Asia in particular), environmental humanities, gender and media studies. She welcomes applications from prospective students who are interested in these areas of research. Prospective advisees could check out her work in The Oxford History of the Novel in English series, Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, The Journal of International Women’s Studies, New Writing, amongst others.


YIP Cheuk Wai's research interests include literature in the Ming and Qing Dynasty, literary criticism, etc. He is recently working on research projects related to material culture and poetry. Prospective students who are interested in classical Chinese Literature and literary culture are welcome.


Egret Zhou pursues research on popular culture studies, including but not limited to TV dramas, KPOP, celebrity culture and fandoms, BL/GL, and Jin Yong studies. She welcomes applicants who are kind-hearted, respectful, and self-disciplined, and are interested in researching these topics. Prospective advisees could check out her recent publications, her YouTube channel, or Weibo page before contacting her.