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Research Software

SPSS Statistics 28 Network version

For data analysis, training sessions of software packages, technology seminars and workshops, etc. For details, please refer to:

NVivo 12 (for RPg and EdD Students only): 

Students who want to apply for NVivo are required to submit a cheque to Graduate School. A new license key will be sent to you when your cheque is received.

Please note the followings on the loan service:

a)     The new loan period starts from April 2023. The expiry date is March 2024. Each loan period is up to one year.
b)     A Security Deposit* of HK$100 is required (Cheque only).
c)     Rental Service of NVivo 12 is subject to the availability of licenses.
d)     Students MUST uninstall the software after the loan period and not violate any rules and regulations related to software usage.
e)     If you would like to return the license key to the Graduate School, please notify us by email.

For Security Deposit*

  • Please submit to the Graduate School a cheque of HK$100 (payable to THE EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF HONG KONG) in person.
  • Please write down your name and student ID on the back of the cheque.
  • Cheque will be shredded one month after the loan period. If you would like to get back the cheque after the loan period, please contact GS for arrangement.

The installation guide of NVivo and license key will be provided upon receipt of the security deposit. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact /

Other software applications: