The Education University of Hong Kong

Student Support

Enhancing student’s learning experience is one of the main strategic areas of the University. At present, a wide range of support has been provided to postgraduate students (including both Research Postgraduate and Taught Postgraduate students).

Services of Student Supports include:


    • On-campus Activities (e.g., International Postgraduate Research Conference and Summer School IPRCSS)
    • Outreach Activities (e.g., International Outreach Study Programme IOSP)
    • Library Support for Postgraduate Students (e.g., iSearch)
    • Tailor-made Advanced Workshops and Online Tutorials for Postgraduate Students
    • Computing Services (e.g., e-form system for survey and data collection)
    • Teaching and Learning Support (e.g., e-Learning)
    • Other Services (e.g., SPSS network)
    • Information on Government’s Student Financial Assistance
    • Financial Support to Research Postgraduate Students