The Education University of Hong Kong

Course Sharing of Master Level Courses
with 5-Year FT Bachelor of Education Programmes

A total of 54 Master Level Courses are now opened to senior students (Year 4 or above) of the 5-year FT BEd programmes in 2022-23. Details are as follows:


Students who have fulfilled the following conditions are eligible to apply for the Master level Courses:

  • Year 4 or above of the 5-year FT BEd Programme;
  • Have attained programme GPA of 3.0 or above; and
  • Meet all the pre-requisites for the applied courses, if any.

Flowchart, Course Lists and Application Form

Flowchart - Student Flowchart

Course List - (by course) - 54 Master level courses* - Master Course List

Course List - (by programme) - 17 Master Programmes - Master Course List (By Programme)

Application Form - Application Form

* The total number of Master level Courses is subject to change in subsequent academic years.

Application Procedures

  • To apply for the Master level courses taken in Semester 2, 2022/23, students have to submit a completed application form, with supporting documents if any, for each course to respective unit (please refer to the handling unit as shown in the Master Course List).
  • Student may register up to 3 courses, or equivalent to 9 credit points (cps) of the Master’s degree programmes. Upon completion, courses taken will be counted towards the elective cps of his/her undergraduate programme
  • The availability of places is subject to the quota available in the courses.

Application Period

  • 31 Oct - 13 Nov 2022

Application Result

  • Students can view the approved course(s) on his/her personal timetable at The Portal during the week of 28 Nov 2022.

Points to Note

  • Grading and assessment will be in line with the requirements of Master level Courses. Same as normal elective courses, grade obtained will be counted towards the programme GPA.
  • No extra fees (in addition to the normal tuition fee under the respective undergraduate study) will be charged.
  • Upon completion of the Master level Courses and successful enrollment to the Master’s programme at the University, students may apply for credit transfer within a specific time limit after completion of the BEd programme.


For enquiries on the offering course, please contact the responsible unit for handling the application of that course (please refer to the handling unit as shown in the Master Course List).


Oct 2022