The Education University of Hong Kong

Academic Advising System

Academic Advising (AA) System at the University aims at providing guidance to students not only on academic matters but also on other areas of all-round development.

Academic Advising plays an important role in the academic success and progression of students and is a process in which students are provided with support for identifying their academic, and career goals, devising plans to achieve these goals, and evaluating their own progress.

Under the AA System, whenever students feel in need, Academic Advisors will provide assistance in developing study plans, identifying career goals as well as referring them to appropriate supporting units.

Every postgraduate student is to be assigned to an Academic Advisor, who can be:

the thesis supervisor in the case of Research Postgraduate (RPg) and Doctor of Education (EdD) students who are in the thesis stage, and the Programme Director / Programme Leader / Area Coordinator in the case of taught postgraduate students.

Contact information of the academic advisors is available to postgraduate students in the Handbook on Academic Advising for Postgraduate Students.