The Education University of Hong Kong

After Getting an Offer

Documents required

Research Postgraduate Programmes

Provision of documents upon offer of acceptance for PhD and MPhil programmes.

  • Document Submission Deadline
  • Documents to be Submitted

doctor of education

Provision of documents upon offer of acceptance for Doctor of Education.

  • Document Submission Deadline
  • Ways to Submit Your Documents
  • Documents to be Submitted
  • List of Documents Needed for Verification

Master of Education

Submission of supporting documents for the application of Master of Education.

  • Supporting Documents Required in Your Application
  • Other Supporting Documents to be Uploaded
  • Applicants from an Institution in Non-English Speaking System


Life on Campus - Accommodation arrangements for postgraduate stduents.

  • Am I Eligible to Apply for University Hall Living?
  • On-campus - Everything You Need to Know
  • Off-campus - Accommodation Reference Information
  • Estimated Living Cost

Student visa

For non-local students who wish to study in Hong Kong.

Documents required

Provision of Documents Upon Offer Acceptance for the Doctor of Education Programme.
  • When is the Supporting Document Submission Deadline? (Copy)

    Your documents should reach us by the deadline stipulated in the offer letter.

  • How to Submit Your Documents to Us?
  • Information Applicable to ALL Applicants
  • List of Documents Needed for Verification