Outgoing Visits

EdUHK Students Visit Huidong Exploring and Learning

22 Nov 2023

Organized by Global Affairs Office (GAO) and held on November 18th, our EdUHK students embarked on a visit to Huidong (廣東省惠州市惠東縣), fostering a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences. During the tour, the students engaged with on-site professionals, actively participating in discussions and absorbing insights into relevant industries. Distinguished academician from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Xia Jiawen, delivered an illuminating lecture, unveiling the latest developments and achievements in the field.

This one-day study tour held in the form of educational exchange significantly enriched our students' understanding of mainland China's and in particular the Greater Bay Area’s (GBA) progress and technological advancements. Their immersive experience has inspired a deeper appreciation for the ongoing developments and has ignited a fervent desire to return for further exploration and learning opportunities.

We encourage students to make the best use of their time in enriching their understanding of and exploring the opportunities in the mainland China and the GBA. 

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