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Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Language Studies and Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language)



This programme aims to prepare graduates to become competent teachers of English for primary/secondary schools, or other English language related professionals. Graduates will obtain a high level of English proficiency and an ability to help pupils learn English effectively. Students in the programme will study the English language system in depth, and the principles and theories of teaching and learning with special reference to the teaching and learning of English as a second/foreign language. Students in the programme will conduct teaching practices in primary and secondary schools, and join an immersion programme in an English-speaking country.


Words from Alumni and Students

 Samantha Diana BEZANT

 Samantha Diana BEZANT

2021 graduate

I love education. I have always wanted to be a teacher. When I was looking for programmes to study, I found this one that would allow me to study both language studies and education in English at the same time. I thought that it was a wonderful chance for me, because it fulfilled what I needed and gave me the opportunity to have a great career. I have learned so much from many different, engaging courses and worked closely with local schools during the practical component to improve my teaching style and methods. It has been very fulfilling!

 Scott YU Pak Wing

 Scott YU Pak Wing

2021 graduate 

Studying here in EdUHK has equipped me with both knowledge of the English Language and the skills to be a teacher. The double degree programme has provided me with the chance to obtain two degrees over five years of study. It is a wide scope of study as an edge. The professors and tutors here are always helpful and easy to communicate with. I now have a deeper understanding of both domains, from grammar to pronunciation, from psychology to teaching methodology. There are lots of extracurriculum activities to join here in EdUHK. They have provided me with opportunities to learn different generic skills outside the classroom. I have had many unforgettable experiences joining activities, and they have made me a more independent, critical, and well-rounded person.​​​​

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