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“MyTopoHK” Mobile Application launched to Promote Reading and Writing of Literary Works on Hong Kong’s Landscape

  • 27 Jun, 2022
  • Media
  • Department of Literature and Cultural Studies

The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, the Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) has developed a mobile application named “MyTopoHK”. The application is the first interactive application for reading and writing literary works on Hong Kong’s landscape. The application aims to promote reading and creative writing in Hong Kong.


“MyTopoHK” uses literary works and Hong Kong geography space as coordinate. The application invites public to admire local writers’ record and feeling on Hong Kong’s landscape while leaving their own literary footsteps.


Hong Kong writers have written many literary works on Hong Kong’s landscapes, streets and districts. “MyTopoHK” currently features around 150 proses and poems from about 30 writers. Users can use the “Literary works of landscape” function to search and read the works according to different Hong Kong districts. The publication details, an introduction to the writer and photos related to the work are provided alongside the text. One feature of the application is called “Reading Onsite”, which utilizes GPS data to highlight works related to the user’s current location and areas nearby.


Users are also welcome to submit their own piece of works on a dedicated page within the application and enrich local literary memory with past writers. Users can enter the title, content and related keywords with the automatically recorded location using the GPS data. The submitted work will be listed among the existing works and be shown on the map.


Dr Li Yuen Mei Fanny, Associate Professor, Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, EdUHK expressed that “We hope “MyTopoHK” mobile application can allow users to experience a mix pleasure of exploring, reading and writing. And such experience can generate a meticulous relationship between Hong Kong landscape and users. Image and video are dominating in modern mobile culture. But we believe that the uniqueness of word is irreplaceable because the value of word is based on human instinct expression of self. Therefore, we sincerely hope that this application can narrow the distance between word and mobile generation. Meanwhile, we also hope the interest of Hong Kong local history can be initiated in users’ heart when users are using the application and exploring Hong Kong.”


The Department cordially invite the public to follow the footsteps of different writers to explore every corner of the streets as well as the countryside while reading their works, and be inspired to take part in shaping Hong Kong’s literary map through sharing new creative works on the fresh experiences in local areas and hidden treasures found on the way. 


The application can be downloaded through:

Google Play Sore:

Apple App Store: