Special Features


Special Features


Special Features

切合不同学员的需求,包括在幼稚园、小学、中学及专上学院 (如社区院校) 等任职的人士

Special Features


Special Features


Special Features









总计 30



  • 持有认可的学士学位
  • 具有教育、谘商与辅导、学校及社区机构(如辅导教师、社工)的背景或工作经验的人士可按优先考虑
  • 符合教大有关英语水准的要求



  • 雅思国际英语语言测试(IELTS)总分6.0;或
  • 中等教育普通证书(GCSE )或普通教育文凭普通程度(GCE OL)英语等级C或以上; 或网上托福考试(TOEFL)总成绩80分;或
  • 近两年内有效之国家大学英语六级考试(CET-6)总分430或以上;或
  • 其他同等资历。


为充分利用大学的资源,教育辅导文学硕士课程的上课时间为平日上午 8:30 至晚上 9:20 和星期六上午 8:30 至下午 6:20,可能为不同学习模式的课程/单元安排合并课堂( 包括全职、兼职、混合模式等),并於大学大埔校园、将军澳教学中心与北角教学中心上课。



  • “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.” This famous quote by Randy Pausch (author of The Last Lecture) reflects my feelings at the time I first fully comprehended how strenuous the MAEC Practicum requirements were going to be.  In spite of early planning and preparation, one can be caught off guard by unexpected obstacles and life events that threaten to sabotage those careful and thoughtful plans. Staying positive and maintaining confidence in one's self is crucial, throughout the practicum period, to push through to a winning end.

    Trying to strike a balance between the busy life of a full time secondary teacher in Hong Kong and satisfying family responsibilities is challenging, made even more so with the additional burden of organizing individual and group counselling sessions, meeting with a supervisor and group mates, attending lectures on different counselling related topics, and handling other less predictable but no less demanding events and incidents that intervene.

    With unyielding support from my practicum supervisor (Dr. Man) and the camaraderie of my cohort, the once daunting challenge became manageable.  The pace of my practicum journey has quickened, from a slow start to an accelerated finish.  The journey has provided me with the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills in counselling I have acquired and along with the guidance and advice of my mentor to help clients overcome difficulties in their lives. It has been a truly eye-opening experience!  The cards have been played.  

    Alumnus, MA(EC) English and English Literature Teacher Career Counsellor
  • After being a professional accountant for over 20 years, I treasured the experience of the MA(EC) programme, and started my second career after my graduation in 2018. I loved the practicum arrangement, and had the chance to offer counselling services to everybody from children to adults, in a secondary school, an NGO, and a SEN centre at EdUHK. I was also able to work as a part-time research assistant at EdUHK whilst I studied the MA(EC). I was luckily to be involved in projects for students with special educational needs.

    After graduating, I started a new journey at an NGO, Enlighten Hong Kong Limited, which aims to support those affected by epilepsy. I now provide counselling services to members and their caregivers to soothe the emotional distress caused by epilepsy. I am so happy that I can use the things I learned in the MA(EC) programme in my new position.

    Alumna, MA(EC) Outreach Officer of Enlighten Hong Kong Limited