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Research Students Support

Research Students Support

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Award Schemes

Postgraduate Students Publication Awards Scheme (PSPAS)

The Postgraduate Students Publication Award is to reward students who produce quality research output in the form of journal articles.

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Cross-institutional Courses

Cross-institutional Course information

Research Postgraduate (RPg) students are eligible to apply for enrolment in the courses listed for the Cross-institutional Course/Subject Enrolment Scheme. This collaboration scheme is established between eight UGC-funded institutions in Hong Kong to enhance the opportunities for postgraduate students to access research postgraduate courses and expertise at other universities. Waivers of tuition fees will be granted to eligible students.

Grades will be given to students with an official transcript issued by the host institution at the end of the course(s).

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Video Resources

Video Resources

We have developed a set of online resources to support postgraduate students who are preparing research proposals or who are undertaking doctoral research. The project consists of a website with nearly 200 short videos. The videos show interviews with academics and research students, as well as supervisory sessions. Topics include types of research, research methods, thesis writing, managing research studies, and the perspectives of an external examiner. The videos feature academics and students from EdUHK and from other tertiary institutions. This online database is designed to facilitate innovative distance and blended learning pedagogies.

The videos can be viewed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. The website is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 11, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Video Resources for Doctoral Students

Engagement in Teaching Activities

Engagement in Teaching Activities

Guidelines for Assigning Teaching Responsibilities to Students of the Research Postgraduate or Doctor of Education Programmes

The practice of assigning teaching responsibilities to students of the Research Postgraduate (RPG) or Doctor of Education (EdD) programmes aims to build their capacity in teaching in the context of higher education.

RPG and EdD students and RPG students supervised by staff in the FEHD can engage and be mentored in the following teaching activities for undergraduate and master’s courses:

i.      preparing course materials;

ii.     leading a short session on a topic that falls into the RPG or EdD’s research area;

iii.    grading coursework; and

iv.    teaching tutorials.

Guidelines and Application Form


Events Calendar

Events Calendar

We host and support a wide variety of events throughout the year to help research students develop the skills necessary to be successful in their academic careers.

A calendar of upcoming events is available here.