Spiritual Experiential Activities


Spiritual Dance

“Spiritual Dancing” bridges the active expression of body language in dancing with our inner spiritual aspect, thus providing the means to relieve ourselves from the burden of living.


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Calligraphy Workshop

Calligraphy is an essential category in the Chinese cultural and humanistic tradition. Calligraphy’s tranquilizing effect, as well as deep cultural significance, provide a fitting window for us to revisit such state of mind, especially as an escape from the hectic modern lifestyle. By introspecting, and ultimately, emotionally submerging into the calligraphic experience, it leads a path towards ingenuity within the self.



Green Monday – Vegetarian Luncheon

Under the theme “Food and Thankfulness”, participants are invoked to be mindful of how small changes in their diet would be able to make an impact on the world.




Visiting the Holy Trinity Cathedral

Date: 24/02/2018

Location: S.K.H. The Holy Trinity Cathedral

The experiential site visit will be divided into four sections:

1. Holy Communion;

2. An introduction to the history of the Holy Trinity Cathedral; introducing the architectural style of the cathedral;

3. A Spiritual Tour: Meditation session

4. Sharing Session