Feb 2023 - Aug 2024


Commissioning Body

Intangible Cultural Heritage Office



Funding Scheme

Intangible Cultural Heritage Funding Scheme


Feb 2023 – August 2024


  – Increasing teachers and students’ understanding of intangible cultural heritage
  – Enhancing the motivation of promote intangible cultural heritage education
  – Inculcating positive values and generic skills to students
  – Promoting local intangible cultural heritage
  – Integrating traditional and contemporary culture

Target Group(s) & Quota

9 Primary Schools & 6 Secondary Schools







Project Introduction

This project is divided into three parts:
– Teacher Professional Development – Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop
– School-based support
– Sharing

Participating schools form a core team of no less than 5 people to participate in the above parts, and work closely with professional tutors from the Education University of Hong Kong and local intangible cultural heritage craftsmen to create and implement school-based intangible cultural heritage education courses.

Component 1: Professional Development of Teachers—Intangible Cultural Heritage Workshop
– Introduce the project and Hong Kong intangible cultural heritage items;
– Understand the intangible cultural heritage items and choose the themes that meet the needs of the school;
– Learn about teaching strategies and community resources related to intangible cultural heritage education
Date: February 2023, once a week (4 sessions, 2.5 hours each)

Component 2: School-based Support
Purpose: To provide schools with on-site support and work with teachers to prepare curricula that meet school-based needs on intangible cultural heritage education (eg. Life Education Lessons, Extra-curricular Activities)
Form: Meetings between professional tutors and the core team, and teaching activities conducted jointly by teachers and intangible cultural heritage craftsmen
Remarks: Teaching activities include but not limited to the introduction of intangible cultural heritage, demonstrations, little reporters (experience sharing of craftsmen), and hands-on experience for students. It is expected that 50 to 100 students per school will participate.

Component 3: Sharing
– The core team of the participating schools share their experience with educators;
– Students participating in the achievement exhibition show the public what they have learned;
– All students in Hong Kong can participate in the quiz contest to understand and be involved in intangible cultural heritage education
Dates: June-September 2024
– Participating school teachers share teaching plan design concepts and strategies, and experience in participating in the plan;
– Students present their achievements to intangible cultural heritage craftsmen and institutions, educators, local community members and the public in different forms such as exhibitions and performances;
– Students participate in an online quiz to deepen their understanding of intangible cultural heritage


In case of disputes regarding the recruitment and arrangement of activities, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office and the Center for Religious and Spirituality Education of The Education University of Hong Kong reserve the right of final decision.