Prof. LEE Chi Kin, John
Vice President (Academic) and Provost | UNESCO Chair in Regional Education Development and Lifelong Learning | Chair Professor of Curriculum and Instruction Phone2948 6311 Website


Mr. LI Chin Wa
Senior Lecturer of Department of International Education Phone2948 8055 Website

Centre Member

Prof. SIN Kuen Fung, Kenneth
Director of Centre for Special Educational Needs and Inclusive Education | Professor of Department of Special Education and Counselling Phone2948 7758 Website
Dr. Lau Esther Yuet Ying
CRSE Research Coordinator | Associate Professor of Department of Psychology | Member of Centre for Psychosocial Health Phone2948 8253 Website
Dr. WONG Mun, Amanda
Assistant Professor of Department of Early Childhood Education Phone2948 7544 Website
Dr. WONG Koon Lin, Linnie
Centre Research Fellow of Centre for Governance and Citizenship | Assistant Professor of Department of Education Policy and Leadership Phone2948 8508 Website

Project Manager

Ms. CHOW Wai Yi, Joey
Project Manager Phone2948 6172

Project and Administration Staff

Ms. LI Yin Hung, Michelle
Assistant Project Manager Phone2948 8670
Mr. YEUNG Wing Tung, Tom
Project Officer Phone2948 8582
Ms. LEE Lok Ka, Jessica
Project Officer Phone2948 6806
Ms. LI Puni, Polly
Project Officer Phone2948 7589
Ms. TSE Hiu Wing, Wing
Project Assistant Phone2948 8280

Research Staff

Professional Consultant(Resident)

Guest Lecturer

Mr. LAU Har Keung Phone2948 8285
Mr. LUI Mo Dock Phone2948 8285
Ms. LEUNG Lai Lai Serena Phone2948 8285
Mr. TSE Hung Sum Phone2948 8285
Ms. HO Kin Yee Phone2948 7059
Mr. LEUNG Kam Chiu Phone2948 8285
Mr. CHAN Kwok Keung, Daniel Phone2948 8285
Mr. LEUNG Chun Wai, Henry Phone2948 8285
Mr. CHAN Sin Fo Phone2948 8285
Ms. HO Kin Yee Phone2948 8285
Ms. KWAN Suet Ming Phone2948 8285
Ms. KWAN Wai Fong Louise Phone2948 8285
Dr. LAU Sau Yin Phone2948 8285
Mr. LAU Tin Luk Phone2948 8285
Ms. LI Sui Wah Phone2948 8285
Ms. MAK Shuk Wa Cherry Phone2948 8285
Mr. NAM Chi Wai Phone2948 8285
Ms. NG Pui Shan Phone2948 8285
Dr. NG Wai Pun Stanley Phone2948 8285
Mr. TAI Hay Lap Phone2948 8285 Website
Mr. TAI Wai Sum Phone2948 8285
Mr. TANG Siu Hung Peter Phone2948 8285
Dr. TSANG Wing Hong Phone2948 8285
Ms. WONG Kit Fong Phone2948 8285
Ms. WONG Miu Yung Phone2948 8285
Mr. WONG Wai Tung Phone2948 8285
Ms. YAU Oi Yuen Irene Phone2948 8285
Mr. YEUNG Kim Ming Joseph Phone2948 8285
Ms. YIM Ying Fu Phone2948 8285