Provision of Services on Planning Life Education in Primary and Secondary Schools (2022/23 and 2023/24)
Feb 2023 - Aug 2024

Commissioning Body

The Education Bureau, HKSAR



Target Group(s)

Principal, Vice Principal, Panel and teachers of Local Primary and Secondary schools

Project Introduction

I. Plan content:

    1. Teacher Professional Development Program

  1. In response to the guidelines of the “Values Education Curriculum Framework” (Pilot Version) (2021), incorporate ten values and attitudes suggested by the Education Bureau that schools should first cultivate students’ values and attitudes (perseverance, respect for others, sense of responsibility, national identity, commitment, integrity, caring, law-abiding , empathy, and hard work) into this course
  2. The relationship between topics such as media and information literacy education, sex education, anti-drug education, sustainable development education, career planning, and new opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area under value education and life education
  3. Taking Chinese culture as an entry point to bring out different categories of value education
  4. Experts explain educational theories, schools or institutions share experiences, and provide school cases, teaching materials and assessment tools to help schools implement values education (including life education)
  5. Support schools to carry out values education (including life education) at the levels of single subject, single group, cross-subject group or whole-school participation in light of school-based circumstances


    2. School-based Support Services

  1. Provide school-based support according to school needs, conditions and development priorities
  2. Five visits to the school to provide professional support from principals, vice-principals and dedicated frontline instructors with extensive experience in life education
  3. Provide professional advice on school-based curriculum planning for school values education (including life education) through work conferences, teacher training, joint lesson preparation, and lesson observation


    3. Visiting activities and sharing sessions

  1. Visit schools or institutions with extensive experience in implementing values education (including life education) to learn from successful experiences
  2. Exchange experience in sharing sessions and seminars to strengthen the grasp of the implementation of values education (including life education)


Participation hours of this program are recognized as refresher hours for new teachers and in-service teachers’ promotion training

II. Schedule:


Plan Period: Feb 2023 – Aug 2024

Stage 1(Jan 2023 – Aug 2023): Teacher professional development courses/workshops, school visits, sharing sessions

Stage 2(Aug 2023 – Aug 2024): School-based support, sharing sessions/seminars


III. Target group: 

Principals, Vice principals, Panel and teachers of primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong (in schools, including special schools)


IV. Quota:

Primary and Secondary school 50 each


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Project Officer Mr. Yeung Wing Tung, Tom 2948 8582 or

Project Assistant Mr. Fong Tsz Ching Jeremy 2948 8280,

Office Email:

Past achievements  
Stage 1: Teacher Professional Development Program (Guest Speaker: Prof. John Lee) 協小2018-19_第一節
Stage Two: School-based Support and Sharing 校本支援
Mid-term sharing session

Debriefing Section


















Achievement sharing of previous participating schools





第七屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2017-2018)

第七屆「協助中學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2017-2018)

第六屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2016-2017)

第六屆「協助中學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2016-2017)

第五屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2015-2016)

第五屆「協助中學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2015-2016)

第四屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2014-2015)

第四屆「協助中學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2014-2015)

第三屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2013-2014)

第二屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2012-2013)

第一屆「協助小學規劃生命教育計劃」夥伴學校試行單元 (2010-2011)

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