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Latest Activity Bulletin
Convergence: The 2nd Award for Outstanding Life Education Teaching Plan
Life Education in Preschool: Child Resilience Nurturing Programme
Convergence: The Award for Outstanding Life Education Teaching Plan
Programme on Planning Life Education in Primary/Secondary Schools in 2019/20 School Year (Commissioned by EDB)
“Heart-to-Heart Connect” Programme for Two Generations of Teachers in Caring Quality Development (Donated by the Wong Shek Yung Charitable Foundation)

& Events

Exhibition of Achievements in Nurturing Pre-service Teachers with Chinese Culture
July or August 2020
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Monthly Day of Mindfulness (DOM)
Feb - Nov 2020
The EdUHK, 10 Lo Ping Road, Tai Po, NT., Block B3, Quiet Room (B3-P-09A)
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Bliss from Think Back of My Life
1 August - 31 October 2020
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Development of School-based Teaching and Learning Resources and School support service of Life Education for HKSKH
1 October 2020 (Tentative)
Sheng Kung Hui Holy Trinity Cathedral
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Closing Ceremony of “Programme on Planning Life Education in Primary/ Secondary Schools 2019/20”
11 July 2020
9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
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Dissemination of Learning and Teaching Resources: Experiential Learning of Chinese Culture, Humanistic Qualities and the Quest for Spirituality at Religious Buildings in Hong Kong
26 June 2020
2:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
The Education University of Hong Kong
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