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Fight Coronavirus Together

eBooks for Teachers, Parents, and Students​ 抗疫小書

The coronavirus shock has posed unprecedented challenge to Hong Kong. People stockpile goods over fears of the novel coronavirus outbreak – face masks, sanitizing products, and even groceries and toilet papers. As the pandemic shows no sign of abating, it has dealt a great blow to the economy of Hong Kong and forced prolonged school closures. Even the young children can feel the family and community anxiety during coronavirus fight. To combat the coronavirus and head off the stress, the Centre for Child and Family Science has produced a series of ebooks for consumption by parents, teachers, children and university students, to promote the psychological wellbeing of children and adolescents.

The approaches in the booklets are based on psychology research, supported by theories and empirical evidence. You are welcome to download the ebooks, and share them with your friends and others in need.





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Tips for University Students on Promoting Positive Well-being (English version)

This booklet is produced by the project team “EASP: Early Advancement in Social-Emotional Health and Positivity”. The coronavirus outbreak has brought many challenges to the university students: the change to online learning, internship postponements which may affect their grades and even graduation, the economic recession may negatively affect their job prospects. This booklet introduces some exercises for students to practice at home, so as to help them relieve their anxiety and to mitigate the impact of the epidemic. 

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Tips on Promoting the Positive Well-being of
Kindergarten Teachers (English version)

This is another booklet produced by the project team “EASP: Early Advancement in Social-Emotional Health and Positivity”. For many kindergarten teachers, the suspension of in-person classes has made them unable to interact with the children and observe their behavior. Instead, teachers have to design home learning activities and communicate closely with parents to track the children’s learning at home. This booklet introduces a list of strategies that help kindergarten teachers in maintaining close communication with parents and colleagues, designing suitable home learning activities for the children, and relieving stress to promote positive well-being.

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Remarks: Please feel free to circulate this booklet for nonprofit purposes, and cite the source properly. Any party who wishes to reproduce or use the materials therein (including text and visuals) for publication or other purposes should furnish written application to the Centre of Child and Family Science of The Education University of Hong Kong.