Centre for Child and Family Science

Centre People and Research Expertise 中心成員及研究專長

Director 總監

Professor CHUNG Kevin Kien Hoa 鍾杰華教授
  • Learning difficulties in particular to dyslexia
  • Literacy acquisition, assessment and instruction
  • Cognitive, social, and emotional development
  • Early child development and education
  • Psycholinguistics

Co-Directors 聯席總監

Dr. LAM Chun Bun Ian 林俊彬博士
  • Family system (marital, parent-child, sibling)
  • Youth psychosocial adjustment
  • Gender, sexual, and sexual health
Dr. CHEUNG Sum Kwing Sam 張森烱博士
  • Numeracy development
  • Socio-emotional development
  • Quality of home environment
  • Teacher education

Core Members 核心成員

Dr. LAU Yi Hung Eva 劉怡虹博士
  • Family Influences and Parental Involvement
  • School Transition and School Readiness
  • Childhood Aggression
Dr. LI Jianbin 黎建斌博士
  • Self-control
  • Aggressive and prosocial behavior
  • Adolescent psychosocial adjustment
  • Cross-cultural comparison
Dr. CHAN King Chung Derwin 陳勁聰博士
  • Psychology of sport, exercise, and health
  • Behaviour change models and interventions
  • Behavioural assessment and programme evaluation
Dr. CHENG Chi Keung Eric 鄭志強博士
  • Knowledge Management
  • Lesson Study
  • School Management
  • Community of Practices
Dr POON Kai Tak Ivan 潘啟德博士
  • Ostracism and social exclusion
  • Objectification
  • Aggression and violence

Members 成員

Dr. CAPIO Catherine Mamaid
  • Motor control, motor development and skills acquisition
  • Fundamental movement skills
  • Physical activity measurement and promotion
  • Adapted physical activity and psychomotor therapy
Dr. CHEUNG Yuen Man Rebecca 張婉文博士
  • Developmental psychopathology
  • Culture, family process, and child development
Dr. CHOI Tsun Man William 蔡浚文博士
  • Cantonese tone and English stress perception
  • Connectivity between music and language
  • Bilingual reading development and difficulties
Dr. CHU Sing Wa Steven 朱醒華博士
  • Dyslexia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr. DATU Jesus Alfonso Daep 
  • Positive psychology
  • Positive education
  • Inclusive education
Dr. FUNG Wing Kai 馮永佳博士
  • Play behaviors
  • Play-based assessment and learning
  • Cognitive, social, and emotional development
Dr. KONG Siu Hang, Eric 江肇衡博士
  • Music in early childhood education
  • Sociology of music education
  • Teacher education
  • Comparative education
  • Psychology of music
Mr. LAU Chiu Wai Eugene
Mr. LAU Chiu Wai Eugene 劉展瑋先生
  • Linguistic Characteristic of Children with High Functioning Autism
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Inclusive and Special Education
Dr. LI Xiao Min Nicky 李曉敏博士
  • Socioemotional development
  • Socioemotional development of children with special educational needs
  • Family processes
  • Psychometric models
Dr. LIU Duo Phil 劉鐸博士
  • Cognitive development
  • Language and literacy development and related difficulties
Dr. NG Sau Man Catalina 吳秀敏博士
  • Child health
  • Mental health
  • Addiction
  • Family processes
  • Program evaluation
Dr. TO-CHAN Sing Pui Tikky 杜陳聲珮博士
  • Children’s Language Development and Language Teaching 
  • Learning and Teaching 
  • Curriculum Development
Dr. TONG Xiu Hong 佟秀紅博士
  • Language learning
  • Reading development and difficulties with multiple approaches
Dr. WANG Li-chih Angus 王立志博士
  • Cognitive and reading-related abilities of Chinese students with dyslexia
  • Heterogenous nature of Chinese students with dyslexia
Dr. YUNG Wai Ho Kevin 容煒灝博士
  • Shadow education
  • Language assessment
  • Narrative inquiry
  • Comparative education
  • Learner autonomy and motivation
  • English for academic and specific purposes