Centre for Child and Family Science

Message from the Director 總監的話

The Centre for Child and Family Science (CCFS) was formally established on 1 June 2016, following the birth of EdUHK. It is a revamp of the former Centre for Childhood Research and Innovation, to reflect the University’s forward thinking and future potential. The time is also right to expand the focus of the current Centre to include family-related issues and outreach services.

CCFS, which is an interdisciplinary and faculty level Centre, would make a unique contribution to the academic community in the Greater China and the Asia-Pacific region. As a thriving hub for research and innovation, CCFS

  • provides a focus in the region for high-quality, interdisciplinary research that makes a meaningful difference to children, families, and the community
  • supports practitioners and researchers to work with and/or study children and families in various contexts, to
    –   address the needs of children and families
    –   help families function well in discharging their responsibilities
    –   help foster the development of the child into a healthy and responsible citizen

The Centre welcomes interested colleagues and students across disciplines and communities to join us for synergies and fruitful collaborations in areas pertaining to its work.