Centre for Child and Family Science

Exposing the myths of play


“Children need toys to play.” “Children play only when they have free time.” “Play is not educational.”

There are simply many myths about play. In fact, play is being recognized as one of the most important aspects of children’s life as children learn and grow through engaging in different types of play. Through exposing the myths of play, the participants get to understand the concept of play and recognize the importance of learning through play in children’s live. By participating in on-site demonstration, the participants will also acquire practical skills and tips when promoting learning through play at home. They will learn how to utilize home environment, to allow children to make decisions, to eliminate limitations, to make use of loose parts found at home and to be children’s enthusiastic playmates.

Speaker: Dr. Lam Pui Ching, Jessie

Part 1

  • What is play?

Part 2

  • Unique features of play

Part 3

  • Learning through play

Part 4

  • Myth #1

Part 5

  • Myth #2

Part 6

  • Myth #3