Centre for Child and Family Science

Child development - From Kindergarten to Primary


Is the kindergarten the same as the primary school? When a child grows up, how will he/she be different? Does my child have many questions like me?

If going to school is like walking on the road to learning, we will find that the road of kindergarten is different from the road of primary. People and things on the roads are so different from each other. How do we adapt to the new people and things? To successfully transfer from the road of kindergarten to primary school, one needs to “know the way”! That is to know how to walk. Parents are welcome to get prepared together and grow up with your children. This is the road to success in primary school.

Speaker: Dr. TO-CHAN Sing Pui, Tikky

Part 1

  • Developmental challenge

Part 2

  • Support and motivate your child

Part 3

  • Timetable

Part 4

  • Handbook

Part 5

  • Support writing in Chinese

Part 6

  • Uniform, Rules, School & Bags