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Dr CHAN Man Ho - Constraining dark matter properties by astrophysical data
Dr CHEANG Chi Chiu - Role of Environmental Determinant Associating with Changjiang River on the Phylogeographical Divergence in an Ecologically Important Marine Macroalga Sargassum Hemiphyllum
Dr CHOW Cheuk Fai Stephen - Bimetallic Donor-acceptor Ensembles for Detection, Signal Amplification and Degradation of Toxic Pollutants
Dr. DENG Wenjing - Health risk Assessment of kindergarten children non-dietary exposure to Dechlorane Plus (DR, a flame retardant) via school and household indoor PM2.5 and dust intake, and the implications from children hair in Hong Kong
Dr. HO Wing Kei - Lanthanide-doped Upconverting Particles/Graphitic Carbon Nitride Composite as a Novel Solar (Near-infrared-visible-light) Driven Photocatalyst for Air Purification
Dr. HO Wing Kei - The Study on the Effect of Outdoor Air Quality on Indoow Air Quality (IAQ) of Kindergartens and Primary Schools Classrooms in Hong Kong
Dr. LAM Chung Wah James - Assessment of antibiotics in sewage and characterization of antibiotic-degrading bacteria
Dr. LI Wai Chin - Effects of Rhizobacteria on the Tolerance, Uptake and Speciation of Arsenic and Mercury in Rice
Dr. TSANG Yiu Fai - Scientific Investigation on the Effect of Bioaerosol on Indoor Environmental Quality of Green Buildings
Dr. TSANG Yiu Fai - Occurrence, Sorption behaviour, and Biodegradability of Personal Care Products (PCPs) in Sewage Treatment Plants Treating Wastewater with Different Salinities in Hong Kong
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