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In accordance with the University’s commitment to whole person development, the programme constitutes a total learning experience by offering local and overseas internship opportunities to our students. The Internship aims to facilitate students integrate and apply in a real-life setting the knowledge and skills they have gained in earlier stages of the programme.

As an important learning experience, students will be expected to engage in reflection and analysis on their Internship experience with regard to the ways issues related to sustainability and environmental conservation are reflected in real-world problems and their solution.

The Internship also offers students the opportunity to both enhance their own global and environmental literacy and serve the community in related fields. Moreover, the Internship provides practical experience of the challenges faced in both public and private sector workplaces and will assist students in making decisions regarding their career path.

With the ability to maintain strong collaboration with keynoted organisations expertised in environmental science and web-technology development, The Department of Science and Environmental Studies provides many paid or unpaid local/overseas internship placements, across Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Mainland China and possibly other destinations. The industries and job nature vary from cultural conservation and development, science education, environmental research, government bodies, IT to NGO etc.

Our students gained precious on-site working experience in developing web-based software, preparing e-learning resources and organising environmental educational projects by serving in keynoted organisations in Hong Kong.

Field Experience