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Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF)

To further promote internationalization within the University and better facilitate students in participating in learning experiences overseas and in the Greater China Region, the Global Learning Enhancement Fund (GLEF) (formerly known asUniversity-wide International and Regional Learning Enhancement Fund (IRLEF)) provides financial support to all full-time undergraduate students participating in relevant international and regional learning activities approved by the University.





7-14 Jul 2018 Sandakan, Malaysia Rare wild animals and ecosystems
17-23 Jun 2018 Singapore STEM Education

1-5 Aug 2016

Kangwon National University, South Korea

Env. Technology for Water Management and Resource Recovery

27 July - 2 Aug 2015

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Urban Greenery Visit


Students are visiting Kangwon National University and thematic museums in South Korea


Our student participated the 7-day Study tour to the Singapore in 2015 Summer. These photos were taken at the Jurong Eco-Garden and School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nanyang Technological University 2015


Northeast Normal University & EdUHK: Jilin Province Joint-U ecological studies programme aims to nurture students understanding knowledge in ecology and techniques in field studies. By visiting the national nature reserve and research institute in North-East China, including the well-known Changbai Mountain Crater Tianchi and Momoge National Nature Reserve, it is expected that students could gain valuable experience by having hands-on opportunities in resolving environmental problems, which will be of great benefit to the professional development of the participants.


















Regional Summer Institute

The Regional Summer Institute is a credit-bearing required component of the programme providing students a first opportunity to put into practice the research skills they have learned in the Foundation Stage to engage in a small-scale group project together with students from other parts of Asia.  It is a 12-day intensive study programme to be held yearly in different parts of Asia, aimed at enhancing students’ understanding of the state of education for sustainability in Asia countries. 

Through collaboration with our university partners throughout Asia, the Summer Institute creates an interactive learning environment where international and local students combine knowledge acquired from lectures and seminars with investigation of real world problems in the Asian context.  Students will participate in field trips and professional visits to government offices, international non-profit organizations, political parties, think tanks, social services and environmental protection organizations in Hong Kong, Macau, China and South Korea (or other Asian countries). Renowned businessmen, community leaders, prominent scholars will also be invited as guest speakers for lectures and professional visits.


Collaborating with College of Social Science, National ChengChi University. Our students could attend lectures provided by Taiwanese expertise from environmental education and sustainability development


Students were enjoying the dolphin watch cruise in Yinan, Taiwan