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The Department of Science and Environmental Studies (SES) is an academic department promoting studies in Science Studies and Environmental Education, as well as the subjects of General Studies. Alongside collaborations with different educational sectors and organizations, our students gain abundant opportunities in public engagement and career development.

FE Enhancement

To enhance students' teaching experience, the BEd(Sci) programme arranged for students to participate in a FE Enhancement programme where they planned and conducted various STEM-related teaching activities in local schools under the supervision of the teaching team. Through participation in actual classroom teaching, students were able to practise pedagogy in the learning.


Eco-garden Farmer and Biodiversity Surveyor

Eco-Garden provides an education model that emphasizes field-based learning. Under training and practice, our students are able to try their hand at managing an eco-garden, organic farming, biodiversity survey and environmental research. In addition, they also provide guided tours and implement environmental education activities such as ecology-based teaching modules for local schools. We are pleased to nurture young environmental endeavours to contribute to the sustainable development of the community.


Engaging the Community in Science/STEM activites
Primary STEM Project Exhibition (PSPE)

The annual Primary STEM Project Exhibition (PSPE), hosted by SES and CEES of EdUHK, and other partners, the Hong Kong Science Museum, the Education Bureau, the Hong Kong Education City Limited, the Hong Kong Association of Science and Mathematics Education, the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence Teachers Association, and Center for STEM Education of the National Institute of Education Sciences, etc. Our students provided support in the mass exhibition which attracted over a hundred primary schools & a thousand participants. The theme of the exhibition covers diverse STEM aspects every year. Being proactive learners in liaising with cooperating sectors and managing the event, our students were trained up into responsible people with satisfying performance in their interpersonal skills.



Hong Kong Science Festival (HKSciFest)

Actively participating in the major science festival in Hong Kong, organized by Hong Kong Science Museum, our students conducted different science-related workshops and exhibitions in HKSciFest. It has provided students with great opportunities to enhance their communication, organization & leadership skills to the community, in addition to insights into interesting and trending STEM-related programmes around the world.


International Seminar / Conference

Regular academic seminar and conference provided a platform for scientists working on different environmental contaminants to discuss and exchange information on the most recent findings, innovative theories, and methodologies regarding environmental research. Students are able to communicate with world-renowned guest speaker and be well versed in interdisciplinary topics of science and environment.



Research and Survey

Our students were also engaged in research projects, contributing their effort under guidance of professors and research teams. Our students’ diligent and perseverance in the research practice established them to become competent and skilful researchers in the future.


Learning and Teaching Support

Professional Teaching Team and Support

With the utilisation of laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and the Eco-garden in the campus, students could learn in experiential learning setting through embedded activities such as case and problem-based studies, guided inquiry, simulations and experiments. At the same time, while our professional teaching team are capable to strive for academic excellent, they are capable to provide qualified, competent and professional trainings to our pre-service teacher, which could satisfy contemporary educational needs. By exploring and developing new approaches to pedagogy, embracing innovation in assessment, and adopting research to inform teaching, students could thus learn through standing on the shoulder of the giant.


Experimental-based Curriculum

Aspiring to the best quality of learning and teaching, our undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum are designed for maximising the students’ opportunities in application of knowledge in practical context. Through formal and informal learning experience, not only our students could acquire the techniques in developing conceptual understanding to real-world problems, they are also able to meet the changing global/local developments, and hence contribute to our society.

Currently we have well over several hundred students pursuing their studies in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We are also proud of our alumni members who are dedicated to the field of education, information technology and environmental science. Together we engage in lifelong learning for whole person development.