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Dr. HO Wing Kei - The Study on the Effect of Outdoor Air Quality on Indoow Air Quality (IAQ) of Kindergartens and Primary Schools Classrooms in Hong Kong
Chief Investigator:

Dr. HO Wing Kei

Project Year:



(Internal Research Fund (IRG), HKIEd, HK$100,000, 2015-2016) This project investigates the effect of outdoor air quality on the indoor air quality of the kindergarten and primary school classrooms in Hong Kong. The project characterises the indoor and outdoor pollutant levels and identifies the sources of indoor air pollutants fom outdoor environments. This investigation is a prerequisite to improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the learning environment and to implementing the school IAQ management. Several reports indicate that IAQ improvement can advance the health and academic performance of students and school staff. We will study one of the crucial factors that affect the school IAQ, i.e. the effects of outdoor air pollutants on the school IAQ. Although numerous studies on IAQ have been undertaken in Hong Kong, full quantitative determination of IAQ research in schools and the studies of outdoor air quality on the school IAQ have not been conducted, especially at the kindergarten and primary school levels. At these levels, children are inherently more vulnerable to environmental hazards because their bodies are still developing. This study can provide insights into policy-relevant questions that could assist policy makers in managing IAQ in the school environment in Hong Kong.