Chapter 1 Preface

Welcome to the new 2024/25 academic year.
The electronic Student Handbook provides online information on academic matters, financial issues and various information concerning your study at the University. To keep abreast of any developments of your concern, you are strongly advised to refer to The Portal for updated information.
At the beginning of your study, you may receive a Programme Handbook in a hard copy or electronically. There is detailed information specific to your programme, courses, the academic regulations, the programme calendar, the assessment methods, examinations dates, block practice dates (applicable to teacher education programmes) and graduation requirements. You are advised to study the Student Handbook, Programme Handbook and relevant programme information carefully and to acquaint yourself with all subsequent amendments and changes. You should also refer to this information throughout your studies.
If you wish to know more about the University's academic structure and its programmes, you may refer to the University Calendar which can be downloaded from the Registry website. You may also visit the University's homepage on the Internet to keep yourself updated of the University's latest developments.
It is advisable that you read all the information and make reference to it from time to time. For any new policies/regulations or any amendments/updates, please refer to the announcements made via The Portal, emails, notices, circulars, or letters. So, do check email and intranet message regularly to keep track of such changes.
Should you have any concern about your study or encounter any difficulties during your study, please feel free to consult the staff members of the Registry, the Faculty Offices, the Graduate School or your lecturers.
We wish you every success in your study.