Chapter 11 Student Organisations

There are various types of student organisations at EdUHK:

Affiliated Societies (ASs)

During the overhaul of the Students' Union, student societies are affiliated with the Student Affairs Office to bring together students with similar hobbies and interests, as well as to encourage and engage them in activities related to those hobbies and interests they seek to promote.

Departmental Associations (DAs)

Departmental Associations are affiliated with the corresponding academic units to bring together students with similar academic backgrounds or studying the same programme. In addition to enhancing the welfare of their members, DAs support and promote student involvement in academic and professional activities. 

Student Residents' Associations (SRAs)

There are four student halls at EdUHK: Northcote Hall, Grantham Hall, Robert Black Hall and Jockey Club Student Quarters. Guided by respective Warden, the SRA of each student hall organises regular, fruitful social activities and provides up-to-date information for the residents.