Chapter 9 Student Services

It is the University's aim to provide an enriched campus environment of quality facilities and multifarious development programmes to enable you to achieve personal and professional excellence. You are encouraged to make full use of these services and programmes to achieve a balanced personal and professional growth.

1. Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office (SAO) provides student services and co-curricular activities in the University. The Office aims to create an open and supportive environment which is conducive to your active learning and all-rounded development. Information on programmes, activities and services can be found on SAO website, The Portal, campus notice boards and through regular visits to the SAO at B4-G/F-01. Highlights of some services are listed below:
1. Career Development Service
To empower students to identify their potential thus to develop a growth mindset, we provide all-round career activities and events to students throughout the year, such as career education, mentorship, internships (local, Greater China Region and overseas), career fair, recruitment talks and job search skills training programmes. It helps students understand their career interests or choices, map out career paths, enhance career preparation as well as increase employability. Students can easily access career resources, job vacancy information and apply for jobs online via EdUHK Job Search Platform “Ed Job Plus”. Students are welcome to visit our website at For enquiries, please call 2948 6246 or email to
2. Counselling Services
The psychological counselling at the SAO helps students make desired changes and decisions, especially in time of difficulties or facing challenges. Counselling goes beyond problem-solving, it provides support for students and helps them discover more about themselves and their potentials. Counsellors at SAO are professionally trained and experienced. Counselling sessions are free and confidential where students are always welcome to come and talk to counsellors about their concerns. To enhance the students’ psychological wellness, counsellors also carry out various workshops and mental health education activities during the semesters. Students who are in need of counselling support outside office hours can call the non-office-hour Counselling Hotline.
3. Supports for Non-local Students
SAO provides non-local students with support services throughout their course of studies at the University. A wide range of services and activities including orientation, community and cultural exploration activities, festival gatherings, group activities and personal guidance are offered to help students gain a better understanding of the Hong Kong community, to adjust to study and campus life, to integrate with locals, to foster mutual support, as well as to facilitate cultural exchanges among all students. For details, students are welcome to visit SAO website at
4. Student Health Service
The Health Centre provides primary medical services to all students, staff and authorised users. All students, including both full-time and part-time, are charged a nominal fee of HK$20 for each general consultation. Special services provided at the Health Centre include annual health check-up, gynaecological check-up, vaccination and simple surgery. Emergency service is also available. 
To achieve holistic health for all, the SAO and the Health Centre organise regular health education programmes to enhance students’ health knowledge and promote preventive healthcare throughout the year.
The Voluntary Student Dental Plan provides off-campus dental services to students. The membership period lasts for one year from 1 September to 31 August next year. UGC-funded students are charged HK$185 while other students are charged HK$390 from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024. There is a total of 5 off-campus clinics available and among all, 1 is located in Tai Po Centre.
Prior appointment is advised as walk-in service may require a longer waiting time. For the opening hours and contact numbers of the Health Centre and details of services and charges, please refer to
5. Support to Special Educational Needs (SEN)
With concerted efforts of departments and offices, we are committed to provide care and support to students with SEN in order to enhance their participation in the academic activities and campus life. Support services may include study aid, modified campus facilities, counselling, and bursary. Students with SEN are encouraged to disclose their SEN to the Registry during application for timely handling and support provision upon admission. They can also contact the SEN Team of SAO when in need. Staff of SAO will discuss with them on the appropriate and reasonable support arrangements. Please visit the website to learn more: For enquiries or assistance, please call 2948 6245 or email to
6. University Life Planning
University Life Planning is a student advising scheme which aims to facilitate students in planning non-formal learning experiences throughout university life. With the guidance from Student Development Tutors (SDTs), students design a Personal Development Plan (PDP) based on Whole Person Development Inventory (WPDI) results, values, personal attributes and goals in order to achieve personal and professional growth. At different study stages, SDTs are regularly in touch with students to support various aspects such as plan review and career exploration. Students are welcome to contact the SDTs at for any questions regarding university life planning.
7. Student Accommodation
There are four on-campus student halls, namely, Northcote Hall (NH), Grantham Hall (GH), Robert Black Hall (RBH), and the Jockey Club Student Quarters (JCSQ), providing about 2,200 residential places for full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students of University Grants Committee-funded programmes and exchange students. Student-residents can acquire different life experiences and enjoy diversities of hall life through hall-life education activities such as inspirational life lessons from experts in various fields, overseas experiential learning tours and life skills workshops held regularly. For details, students are welcome to visit SAO website at

2. Catering Service

There are four catering outlets serving both Asian and Western cuisines:

  • The Cove View (P/F, Block B4 and C)
  • Coffee Corner (G/F, between Block B4 and Library)
  • Cafe (Learning Commons, LP/F, Block C)
  • Food Kiosk (G/F, between Block B2 and B3)

Please refer to the Useful Telephone Numbers and Websites section of this Handbook for relevant contact information.

3. University Station Shuttle and School Bus Services

Updated information of the University Station Shuttle and School Bus services together with the normal and special arrangements of the services during bad weather will be found on notice boards on campus, The Portal or the Estates Office's homepage ( In the event of tropical cyclone or rainstorm, details of the arrangements of the University Station Shuttle and School Bus services will also be posted on the "University Announcements" of The Portal for ease of reference. Enquiries related to this service may be directed to the Estates Office at 2948 6714 during office hours or the service hotline of the operator of the School Bus service to be furnished at the Estates Office homepage.