Chapter 16 Academic Advising

Academic Advising plays an important role in the academic success and progression of students, and is a process in which students are provided with support for identifying their academic, career and life goals, devising plans to achieve these goals, and evaluating their own progress. In this new milieu, students are enabled to think critically, explore available educational options (e.g. Second Major/ Minor/ Free Electives), and take responsibility for and be more involved in their learning.
The objectives of Academic Advising (AA) at EdUHK:
  • Assist students in clarifying and attaining their educational goals, and developing specific study plans (e.g. selection of Second Major/Minor/Free Electives) with the help of academic advisors
  • Assist students in drawing their study roadmaps that suit their own developmental and professional needs and choices
  • Provide information for full-time undergraduate students so as to maximise their learning opportunities under the provisions of the more flexible curriculum
  • Empower students to make informed decisions as they develop study plans compatible with their potential, and their career and life goals, and take responsibility for their own learning

Under the provision of AA, full-time undergraduate students are assigned an academic advisor in their first year of study. The academic advisors will assist students in defining their study and career goals as well as developing study plans, and refer them to appropriate supporting units when necessary.
Since 2014/15, all entry-year students of UGC-funded full-time undergraduate programmes are enrolled on AA.
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