Research Expertise and Research Groups

Research Expertise and Research Groups

Research Expertise

Staff in the Department have strong expertise in health/community psychology and the psychology of language and reading. Other areas of growing strength include cognitive, developmental/educational, and social/cultural psychology.

Closely linked with the Department are the Language Acquisition Area of Strength, a Faculty-level research entity specialising in addressing important issues surrounding reading and language learning, and the Centre for Psychosocial Health, a Faculty-level research centre with a mission to develop cutting-edge research programmes that (a) enhances the community’s awareness and knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of health, and (b) informs policy making and implementation in both the private and public sector.


Research Groups

Two major research themes have emerged from our work over the years and are now featured in our two respective research groups:

  1. Language / Literacy Development Research Group
  2. Psychosocial Health / Well-being Research Group
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