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Research Facilities

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Psychological and Behavioral Sciences Laboratory

The Psychological and Behavioral Sciences Laboratory is established with a generous donation from the Lee Hysan Foundation to realize our goals of equipping students with a solid background in psychological knowledge and research and producing graduates who competently integrate science and application of psychology. The Laboratory consists of six individual labs, namely (1) Child Development Lab, (2) Eye Tracking Lab, (3) EEG/Sleep Lab, (4) Psychophysiology Lab, (5) Computer Lab, and (6) Cognitive Development Lab. Each lab is fully equipped with state-of-the-art machines for different domains in psychology, such as electroencephalogram (EEG) (neuropsychology/neurophysiology) and eye-tracking system (Developmental Psychology), to name a few of them, and a wide range of cognitive and intelligence tests for children and adults. The Laboratory would be an important platform for our students especially for those in our UGC-funded Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Psychology programme to acquire robust research and practical training in psychology and for our colleagues to develop and implement innovative scientific research.

Whole Person Development Enhancement Project: Workshop Series in 2016-17 

             Workshops for Parents:

             Workshops for Teachers:

Seminar Co-organized with the Psychological Assessment and Clinical Research Unit (PACRU)

Facilitating a Comprehensive Profile of Student Learning Project 2018-2019

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