Research Postgraduate Studentship (RPGS)

  • All full-time research students admitted to the RPg programmes are automatically considered for Research Postgraduate Studentship (RPGS) as a form of scholarship for students to study the programme. The award of studentship will not exceed the prescribed period of study, i.e. two academic years for MPhil students and three academic years for PhD students.
  • Holders of RPGS are required to undertake duties that carry educational benefits for the holders, such as, but not limited to, other research/academic activities as assigned by the University. The amount of the duties shall not exceed, on average, 10 working hours per week in any full twelve-month period.
  • For further details of RPGS terms and conditions, please visit https://www.eduhk.hk/gradsch/index.php/scholarship/postgraduate-studentship/107-student-supports/studentship-scholarships/studentship/177-postgraduate-studentship.html .


Research Support

  • To encourage and support research activities of Research Postgraduate (RPg) students, PhD and MPhil students who have passed the Qualifying Examination and confirmed their candidature are eligible to apply for the research support. Up to an amount of HKD$10,000 per year (maximum 2 years for PhD candidate and 1 year for MPhil) will be provided to students. The remaining balance of the first year cannot be carried forward to the next year, unless with prior approval from the Dean of Graduate School.
  • For more details about the guidelines and application procedures, please visit https://www.eduhk.hk/gradsch/index.php/current-students/forms.html.


Conference, Workshop or Immersion Visit Support

  • The University encourages RPg students to present their work internationally and to exchange information with others in their research areas. The financial support to RPg students includes the provision of up to $11,000 for each candidate to attend international / national / local conferences or workshops as well as to have immersion visits to international / national / local research centres / departments / universities which are relevant to their research areas and directly related to their thesis.
  • For more information about the guidelines and application procedures, please refer to https://www.eduhk.hk/gradsch/index.php/current-students/forms.html.