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Budget & Scholarships
 Items  Amount (HK$ per academic year)   US$ (US$1 ≈ HK$7.8) 
 Tuition Fee (2019/20 academic year)   HK$140,000  US$18,000
 Accommodation (on-campus)  HK$13,000 (approx.)  US$1,700
 Living Expenses  HK$50,000 (approx.)  US$6,400

Note: All figures are for reference only.


The University offers entrance scholarships to attract aspiring, committed, high-quality students with outstanding academic and non-academic achievements to join our undergraduate programmes and to encourage and support outstanding new entrants to develop their academic and non-academic talents to their full potential. These scholarships are primarily based on academic ability, personal qualities, interview performance and non-academic achievements.

EdUHK Entrance Scholarship (renewable):

  • Full Scholarship: covers full tuition fees, on-campus accommodation fees and partial of living expenses
  • Tuition Scholarship: covers full tuition fees
  • Half Tuition Scholarship: covers half of the tuition fees