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Arriving at Host Institution

Arriving at Host Institution

Arriving Host Institution
  • Contact your family and report safety
  • Complete registration procedures and check-in with the accommodation
  • Attend orientation (if any) by the host
  • Complete course registration/ course add/ drop. Discuss with the course instructors on the exam arrangement (if necessary)
  • Obtain necessary course information (e.g. syllabus, outline, assessment, etc.)
  • Update BCT form and seek the advice from programme leader if necessary
  • Update GAO your contact details at the host country
  • Keep checking your EdUHK email and EdUHK announcements to avoid missing important deadlines while away
    • Keep track of any payment notification issued by the Finance Office
    • Pay attention to course registration and hostel arrangement for EdUHK in next semester because the application will be done online during your exchange.
  • Be an ambassador of EdUHK and Hong Kong
    • Get ready to share if you are invited to sharing session on your culture and Hong Kong.
    • Be responsible, accountable and open-minded to new things.
  • Safety issues
    • Stay aware of current events in your host country and if any serious event happens, stay calm and seek assistance from appropriate channels.
    • Keep a contact list for emergency situation handy (e.g. save contacts of family members and Chinese embassy in your host country in your phone).
    • If an item is lost or stolen, report it to the local police and collect a police report in English for reference, and possible insurance claims.
    • Take a picture of your visa and passport in your phone in case you accidentally lost the documents.
    • To identify channels for assistance (local IO and student union).
  • Arrange your return flight
Arriving Host Institution
Arriving Host Institution