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Full-time students* who:

  • are currently enrolled in one of the undergraduate programmes (including both Government-funded and Self-funded) but NOT in the final year of study in 2018/19;
  • attain a minimum Cumulative GPA of 2.5 by the time of application;
  • fulfill the entry requirements (e.g. language, education background, etc) set by the host institution(s).
    (Please refer to the column “Entry Requirements” (in Programme List). If there is no requirement related to English proficiency, applicants are NOT required to submit IELTS/TOEFL result)

* Non-final year students who are currently enrolled in a full-time HD/ PG Programme at EdUHK may be able to join some of the summer programmes. For details, please refer to the Programme List.


To maximize students’ opportunities to gain international experiences,

  • each student can join ONE summer programme only under ISP in each academic year;
  • priority will be given to those who had NOT participated in the Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) or International Summer Programmes (ISP) before.

Students who are going to participate in SEP semester I, 2019/20 need to ensure there is enough time to apply for student visa regarding SEP and watch out for the semester start date if they plan to join ISP 2019 at the same time.