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Before Heading Home

Before Heading Home

Before returning home, please pay attention to the following

  • Inform GAO when your departure date is confirmed
  • Ensure you complete all the course requirements including but not limited to assessments, examinations, etc.
  • Submit evaluation form online
  • Complete the check-out procedure for your hostel
  • Return the following items borrowed from the University and pay for the outstanding bills. Otherwise, the expenses incurred will be deducted from the caution money
    • Return books borrowed from the library and pay for the fines (if any)
    • Return laptops or other electronic devices borrowed from OCIO
    • Return hostel Keys and pay for the hostel damage repairs (if any)
  • Attend Farewell Party
  • Close your local bank account (if any)

Academic results are released in February and July respectively. After receiving the academic transcript from our Registry, GAO will send it to your home institution.

If you need additional copies for sending to your own address or other institutions for postgraduate admission, please submit your request to the Information Centre of Registry directly. You can download the application form from Registry’s website. Please refer to the form for details on payment and collection method.

For enquiries, please contact the Information Centre at 2948 6177.

Traveling Plan

You may travel to other countries or stay longer in Hong Kong after the exchange study at EdUHK. Please make sure that your departure date is ON OR BEFORE the permitted date of your student visa, as stated in your passport. Please also keep your parents and home institution posted so that they will know where you are and how to contact you when necessary.

Pots & Pans items

If there is anything you would like to leave for the future exchange students (except for bedding), you may leave them at GAO anytime during office hour (Mon-Fri; 8:30am-12:30pm, 1:30pm-5:20pm) before you leave Hong Kong.