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Important Information on Student Visa Arrangement

28 Feb 2022

The following information on visa arrangement is applicable to students from one-year Taught Postgraduate Programmes of September 2021 intake. 

Please note that the student visa label will become invalid if the visa bearer does not enter Hong Kong by the date specified on the label. If a student does not activate the visa label by entering Hong Kong before the date specified on the label, the Immigration Department would presume that the student does not need to enter Hong Kong in 2021/22 academic year for study purpose.

If a student plans to come to Hong Kong for study after the expiry of current visa label, he/she has to submit application via GAO for a new visa (It normally takes 6 – 8 weeks to complete the process) from the Immigration Department, and pay HK$530 non-refundable application fee. Please note that the new application would be processed by the Immigration Department only when the existing visa label becomes invalid. 

If student plans to enter Hong Kong and to continue his/ her study at EdUHK in Semester II, please ensure to enter Hong Kong when the visa label is still valid or there is sufficient lead time for new visa processing. 

If a student submits a new visa application AFTER the commencement of Semester II, apart from the general visa application materials, a detailed study timetable issued by the Programme Office would also be required. Besides, visa application must be submitted and application fee be settled by 28 February 2022. Any application submitted after the deadline stipulated would not be accepted.