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Symposium on Internationalisation: from High School to University

07 May 2019

The Global Affairs Office held the second "Symposium on Internationalisation: from High School to University" today (7 May) which was attended by over 40 principals, administrators and counsellors from leading high schools and international schools in Asia and the Belt and Road region (including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macao, Malaysia, mainland China, Myanmar, Nepal, Qatar, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam). 

Addressing the Symposium, Professor Lui Tai-lok, Vice President (Research and Development) indicated that the University is keen on recruiting international students as this will help with cultural diversity on campus and enable the University’s students to become more cosmopolitan. On the other hand, inbound international students will experience cultural enrichment especially with good exposure to Hong Kong and Chinese cultures. 

The first keynote speaker, Professor Bob Adamson, Chair Professor of Curriculum Reform, delivered his research findings relating to the models of multilingual education adopted by schools and the effectiveness at implementation, and touched upon the language policy in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

Another keynote speaker, Miss Elke Van dermijnsbrugge, Lecturer of Department of International Education, encouraged the participants to critically reflect on questions such as their connectivity in this globalised world and the learning environment provided to students. She further provided ideas on ways to build an international learning environment that connects humans.

Representatives of the three faculties of EdUHK also joined the Symposium and demonstrated the distinctiveness of the academic programmes and the diversified learning experience at EdUHK.  

Participants found the keynote speeches impressive, inspiring and thought-provoking. While the topics are highly relevant to the participants, a lot of questions and discussions were generated.  The Symposium was considered a valuable platform for networking and sharing of practices, which was stimulating and well-organised.