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Double Degree in the Faculty of Humanities, EdUHK: Studying two specialties and keeping your choices open

  • 23 Mar, 2021
  • Undergraduate Programmes
  • Faculty of Humanities


Still making up your mind about your JUPAS choice? A double degree programme may be the right choice for you.


Choosing the right study programme in university is crucial for one’s future success. However, for some DSE students, especially those who do not yet have a concrete plan for their future career, it may be difficult to decide what to enter in the JUPAS application.


Jamie Law, one of our students studying the Double Degree of BA (Hons) in Language Studies and BEd (Hons) (English Language), is a case in point. A few years ago, when she was in secondary school, Jamie was not sure about the career path she wanted to pursue. She loved children, but she was unsure if she wanted to be a teacher in the future. Like many teenagers, she felt undecided. With good DSE English Language results, she opted for the double degree programme. “An education degree, usually takes five years. The double degree also takes five years, but we get two degrees upon graduation.” Law says. She chose the double degree programme in order to get more options for her future without having to spend a longer duration of study. After graduation, she will have a wider range of career options, as she will receive both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Education degree.


In addition to studying, Jamie spent much time equipping herself for future challenges by joining an exchange programme in Canada and working as a trainee teacher in a local primary school.


Two years ago, she spent a semester at a university in Canada, where she took courses and had a chance to visit local schools and observe classes. As someone studying education, it was important for Jamie to learn and observe the local education system.


“Students (in Canada) were eager to share their views on the education system and the curriculum,” Law says. “I also realised that in Canada they really focus on their First Nations indigenous groups. That plays an important role there.” The experience gave her a different perspective on education and indigeneity. “Looking back, I can see I became more independent and certainly benefited from learning about different views and visions.” 


Jamie’s first teaching experience at a sc­­hool in Yau Ma Tei affirmed her career plan as an English language teacher in primary school.


“I was really worried about being responsible for a class of 30 young children and uncertain if I was suitable for the job,” she says. “But I loved getting along with the kids, and creating a relationship with them. And when they enjoy your lessons, it feels very satisfying.”


The dual expertise of the Double Degree programme, results in more options for a future career. Together with the eye-opening overseas experience(1), graduates will acquire high proficiency in the English language and Qualified Teacher Status(2) in Hong Kong. With deeper and broader knowledge, graduates of the programme can excel in the future.


(1)  Overseas trips and immersion may be affected by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation.


(2)   EdUHK is one of the teacher education providers in Hong Kong. Graduates of the University’s teacher education programmes are eligible to become fully qualified and registered teachers. As regards teacher registration, graduates should approach the Teacher Registration Session of the Education Bureau (EDB) to submit applications directly. All applications will be assessed by the EDB.