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Welcome to Teacher Leadership and Education Innovation!

This Minor, recently reconceptualised by the Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) to enhance curriculum coherence and relevance to preservice teachers, offers a total of nine thought-provoking courses for building professional capacity in education.

What is more about this Minor is the opportunity for students to:

  • Continue personal and professional exploration inspired by the Education Studies Core course and different General Education courses offered by EPL.
  • Immerse in unique non-formal experiences that extend and enrich learning beyond the classroom.
  • Conceive a potential topic of investigation for the Final Year Project.
  • Meet like-minded peers through EduDreamers, aspiring to become future leaders for education

The Minor

Teacher Leadership and Education Innovation (TLEI) engages students in intellectually rigorous and professionally rich learning experiences. It aims to nurture a new generation of educators who dare to challenge the thinking and practices of their own as well as those prevailing in institutions, systems and structures. Living and working in a global-local environment of growing complexities, contestations, conflicts and uncertainties, educators have to be conscious, eager and compassionate about taking the lead to transform education for a socially just and caring society.

TLEI is informed by EPL’s areas of expertise in teacher and school development, education policy and educational leadership. It reflects the five important aspects valued by the department, i.e. professionalism and quality; leadership and change; transparency and accountability; innovation and sustainability; and courage, care and service.

TLEI focuses on building professional capacity, positioning teachers in relation to schools, education policy, communities and the larger society. Students planning to work in the early childhood, primary or secondary education settings would find TLSI applicable to their own programme of interest.

To nourish desirable dispositions in students, EPL is committed to the provision of additional learning through non-formal experiences. Students taking courses in TLEI would have the opportunity to participate in different kinds of activities related to education innovation and leadership to enrich their learning in the Minor.

TLEI, together with non-formal activities, offers amble space for students to invigorate their being and construct their becoming in the teacher education process. The total experience is to inspire students to prepare themselves for the professional life of a critically reflexive educator, who is always ready to exercise their agency to change, innovate and advocate for the common good of Hong Kong and the global community.

Upon completion of the Minor, students should be able to:

  1. Acquire critical understanding of issues, tensions and politics involved in education and professional practices.
  2. Apply relevant conceptual perspectives and skills to analyse education and other related societal issues.
  3. Identify strategies or ways to negotiate teacher professionalism for upholding core values and ethical practice.
  4. Demonstrate professional aspirations for advocating and leading educational changes or innovations at various levels.
  5. Articulate newly (re)constructed personal and professional identities based on the knowledge and experiences gained through formal and non-formal curriculum.


  • Aspiration: Teacher-leaders that are historically conscious, ethically sensitive and politically courageous
  • Journey: Cycles of understanding and application both within and across courses
  • Practical wisdom: Making sense of complex situations for ethical practice from multiple perspectives
  • Creative (re)imagination: Space to rethink educational purposes, relations of different nature, issues, etc. to discover new possibilities

Curriculum Framework

Teacher Leadership and Education Innovation (TLEI) emphasizes values and ethics of future teachers, examining professional practice, identity and agency in both micro and macro contexts, i.e. individual, organization, society and global. The framework below spells out the relations of the nine courses within the Minor.


"… each course begins with the local – ‘the localness of ourselves, our histories, our language, our place’ – expanding ultimately into a global network" (TLEI External Examiner)

Micro / Macro context Course Level
Global EDA 4100 Rethinking and Reimagining Education # 4
Society EDA 4099 Hong Kong Education Stories: History, Policy and Advocacy # 4
EDA 3098 Political Literacy for the Teaching Profession of Hong Kong # 3
EDA 3096 Teachers Working across Professions and Communities / EDA2034 Teachers Working across Communities 3
Institutions / Organizations EDA 4032 School Governance for Teachers 4
EDA 3097 Practical Legal Knowledge for Teachers / EDA 3044 Education Law 3
EDA 3095 / EDA 2033 Home-School Collaboration 3
EDA 3035 Promoting Social Justice in Schools # 3
Individual EDA 3080 Teacher Emotions and Professional Agency 3


  1. # Restricted Elective – up to two Restricted Electives can be counted towards the total credit points of the Minor.
  2. To claim the Minor, it requires a total of 5 courses (15 credit points).
  3. A letter of recognition will be issued to graduating students who choose to declare the EPL Minor and have attained an average of B grade for all completed courses.
  4. The following courses which were offered in the previous semesters will still be acknowledged for declaration of the EPL Minor:
Restricted Electives:
  • EDA 3080 Teacher Emotions and Professional Agency
  • EDA 4031 Teaching in Changing Times
  • EDA 4032 School Governance for Teachers
  • EDA 2033 Home-school Collaboration
  • EDA 2034 Teachers Working across Communities
  • EDA 3044 Education Law

Non-Formal Experiences

Non-formal experiences constitute an important component of the Minor, Teacher Leadership and Education Innovation. They are designed with consideration of four core elements:

  1. Experiential learning
  2. Collaboration with NGOs
  3. Creative experimentation
  4. Community engagement

The first overseas non-formal experience came to a successful closure in Australia.
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Please check here for the details of the upcoming events!

Final Year Project

Both the formal and non-formal curricular experiences offered through the Minor, Teacher Leadership and Education Innovation, provide rich stimulation for students to explore a topic of interest for their Final Year Project. Students can choose from suggested themes that are built upon the curricular experiences and develop their own proposal for the Honour Project or Capstone Project.

Summer Project 2020

Suggested themes and more details will come at a later stage.


Future Leaders for Education

Dreams drive people to fly high, seeing possibilities beyond obstacles. Dreams are no privilege of individuals. They can be collectively shared and constructed to move rocks and mountains, turning the impossible into possible. EduDreamers is a platform envisioned by the Department of Education Policy and Leadership (EPL) to nurture pre-service teachers who want to be courageous teacher-leaders to realize their dreams for education. Aspiring teacher-leaders often feel lonely and uneasy when attempting to step outside their comfort zone for ethical, alternative or innovative practice. EduDreamers creates a network of support and allies for teaching and future leadership, expanding professional dialogue across levels of education.

Eligibility of Membership

Type Eligibility
Core Completion of at least one course in the Minor
Affiliate Completion of at least one EPL undergraduate courses (e.g. ES core, GE)


Membership Benefits

  • Participation in various non-formal experiences, for example:
    • Periodic dialogue with experienced principals and teachers
    • Special school tours
    • Community engagement
    • Community Internship
  • Exploration of potential topics for the Final Year Project
  • Working as student helpers
  • Recognition letter for graduating students declaring the EPL Minor, having attained an average of B grade for all completed courses and records of participation in EduDreamers

Contact us

Coordinator: Dr. Gail Yuen
Minor Programme:  (852) 29488476
Non-Formal Experience: (852) 29487393