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Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We draw on a number of rich intellectual foundations to inform our focus areas - leadership, education policy, and teacher and school development. 

Our teaching and academic expertise covers a variety of disciplines. It includes sociology of education; psychology; politics; policy studies; teacher development and professionalization; comparative education; school leadership and management; educational change and innovation; citizenship; moral and values education; and education law. It also cuts across various levels of education, such as early childhood education; primary and secondary education; higher education; vocational education; and international education. 

In addition to direct department work, EPL colleagues contribute significantly to the leadership, research and development activities of several other units.

Asia Pacific Centre for Leadership and Change (APCLC)

Diversity, Equity and Social Inclusion Research Group (DESI)

The APCLC stresses the importance of leadership and leadership development for achieving sustainable change in school systems. It builds on a strong regional foundation of leadership development by contributing new research grounded in the region. It also creates and transforms knowledge gained from research into practical tools.

DESI researches how diversity impacts on education, equity and inclusion through its interaction with social, political and economic conditions. DESI aims to increase knowledge and understanding of diversity in Hong Kong and East Asia to improve education, policy and practice. DESI has three research streams: Ethnic Minorities & Refugees, Inter/Multiculturalism, and Gender & Sexuality.

Developing Teachers, Developing Futures



Teacher professionalism—the capacity to make informed educational judgements about what is in the best interests of students and their communities—is influenced by ever-evolving and interactive institutional, social and political contexts. Teachers are expected to meet diverse and sometimes competing local needs and must also be responsive to global developments and concerns. This project aims to enhance the impact of teaching and research on teacher education both locally and globally.