Research Expertise

Research Expertise

EPL has an energetic team of academic staff with diverse research interests and rich professional background in the field of education.

Research Expertise

Staff Research Areas
Dr. Bhowmik Miron Kumar

Diversity, equity and inclusion in education, ‘out of school’ / dropout / school failure issues, ethnic minority education, inclusive leadership, critical discourse, ICT in education, and acculturative stress and coping behaviour

Dr. Bryant Darren Anthony

Educational reform, leadership preparation, middle leadership, and leadership in international schools

Dr. Chan Tsan Ming Kenneth

Extra-curricular activities, privatisation and educational service, juvenile delinquency and student discipline, and team building in school

Prof. Cheng Yin Cheong

Education reform, paradigm shift in education, internationalisation of higher education, leadership, teacher education and development, school autonomy, and 21st century learning 

Dr. Chen Junjun

Educational beliefs on teaching, learning, and assessment, teacher effectiveness and development, teacher emotions, and structural equation modeling

Dr. Choi Soobin

Educational leadership, school organization, school improvement, global citizenship, and quantitative research

Mr. Chong Yiu Kwong

Education law, human rights, human rights education, rule of law, and rule of law education

Dr. Campbell Paul

School leadership, vice/ deputy principals/ deputy head teachers, leadership development, collaboration, educational change, policy analysis, research engagement, sociology of education

Dr. Gümüş Sedat

Instructional leadership, leadership development, professional learning, work attitudes, equity in education, systematic reviews, and quantitative research

Prof. Halse Christine Margaret

The sociology of intercultural relations, ethnic minorities, international students, and exclusion in schools, international and multicultural education, and students’ and teachers’ intercultural learning

Dr. Ho Chun Sing Maxwell

Middle leadership, teacher professional development, entrepreneurial behaviour, business and personal financial education, and entrepreneurship education

Dr. Keung Pui Chi Chrysa

Educational inequality, sociology of education, early childhood education, play-based learning, child and family studies

Dr. Ko Yue On James

Educational effectiveness, educational leadership and educational management, teacher education, learning assessment, psycholinguistics, TESOL, IT in education, learning disabilities, mixed methods methodology, data visualisation, and learner analytics

Dr. Kwok Lai Yin Percy

Collaborative learning communities, Policy analysis in education, Private supplementary tutoring in basic education, Project-based learning and electronic portfolio, School principalship and educational leadership, Teacher Professional Development through Action Research

Mr. Lam Ho Wai Martin

Teacher Professionalism, Students’ Wellbeing, Business and Personal Financial Education

Dr. Lee Hui Lin Daphnee

Teacher professional identity, professional learning communities, professionalism, sociology of education, political economy and broader context of education

Dr. Lee Tai Hoi Theodore

Teacher development and leadership, inquiry learning, and assessment for learning

Dr. Lee Tze Lok Trevor

Stratification, parenting, and policy

Dr. Leung Wing Tat

Critical pedagogy, Civic education, Experiential learning, School-community partnership, Democratization of schools, Teacher professionalism and agency

Dr. Leung Yan Wing

Civic education, national education, human rights education, personal and social education, educational policy, values and moral education

Dr. Lo Wai Yin

Education and development, interface analysis of educational projects, educational knowledge building in Hong Kong and China

Dr. Lu Jiafang

School management team, simulation-based training, work-life role interaction, cooperation and competition in leadership, teamwork and conflict management, and affect at work

Dr. Luo Jiahui Jess

Learning-oriented assessment and feedback, competency development, AI implications for higher education/teacher education, intercultural education, qualitative methods

Dr. Muller, G. Chris

International mindedness, global citizenship, and international education.

Dr. Poole Adam

Sociology of education, primary and secondary education, and teacher professionalism

Dr. Poon Yu Hin

Sociology of education, educational policy and equality, identity studies, and school ethnography

Dr. Qian Haiyan

Educational Leadership, cultural influence on school leadership, education and development, qualitative methods

Dr. Quong Terrence Edward

School leadership, strategic planning, evidence based practice in schools

Dr. Tang Hei Hang Hayes

Sociology of education (especially education and society in East Asia), higher education, youth entrepreneurship, education governance in the age of citizen activism, democratisation and education, alignment between higher education and work/professions, academic entrepreneurialism, scholarship of application, knowledge exchange/ transfer and 'service university', nationalism and internationalism in education, Hong Kong higher education policies, academic professions in Hong Kong and South Korea, and Hong Kong post-90s generation

Dr. Tang Yee Fan Sylvia

Field Experience, mentoring, teacher assessment, teacher professional development

Dr. Tsang Kwok Kuen

Teachers' work, teachers' emotions, job burnout, education governance, and school leadership and management 

Prof. Walker Allan David

Educational leadership, comparative educational leadership, curriculum leadership, leader development, education & development, school effectiveness and school improvement, school organisation and educational administration, education and politics, qualitative methods

Dr. Wong Koon Lin Linnie

Diversity and minority education, refugee education, teacher education, citizenship education, moral and servant leadership, teacher leadership

Mr. Wong Wai Hung

Experimental learning, life and death education, and moral education

Dr. Yu Huen

School management, principal leadership, middle management, vice-principal leadership, school-based management, learning organisation, and educational change

Dr. Yuen Wai Kwan Gail

Early childhood education and care policy, advocacy, and teacher development

Dr. Ying Ji

Sociology of education, educational policy studies, intercultural education, equity, diversity and inclusion in education, teachers’ professional ethics and identity, qualititative methodology