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EPL is in line with the University’s strategy of encouraging the use of information technology for teaching and learning. We have active engagement in different projects to enhance teaching and learning.

Practicing Blended Learning on a Collaborative Platform: A Pilot Study in FEHD

Project Leader(s): LAM, Bick Har [C&I]; BRYANT, Darren Anthony [EPL]; ALVIAR, Theresa Patricia B [C&I]

The project connects colleagues from six departments to test blended-learning instruction in various programmes. Expected results include: examples of blended learning course materials; a blended learning pedagogy/strategy inventory; a blended learning interest group seminar series; a case album containing individual blended learning projects; and a column in a learning and teaching.

Participating teams will publish journal papers to publicise findings and results. The study may impact learning across programmes and disciplines in FEHD. Our experience of promoting pedagogical innovation at the Faculty level will be shared to encourage institutional support for teachers.

The Blended & Online Learning & Teaching (BOLT) Project: Collaborative Professional Development for Capacity Building in Blended and Online Learning and Teaching in Hong Kong

Project Leader(s): LIM, Cher Ping [C&I]; HARBUTT, Darren; BRYANT, Darren Anthony [EPL]; BUCHTEL, Emma Ellen Kathrina [PS]; HAN, Chung Wai Christina [ECE]; LAM, Bick Har [C&I]; SHEK, Mei Po, Mabel [SEC]; SIN, Wai Lam William [IELL]; EVANS, Jennifer; SHROFF, Ronnie; NOAKES, Nick; DOHERTY, Iain

The project won a grant from the UGC Teaching and Learning Grant. EdUHK and PolyU are lead institutions with HKU, HKUST and BU as partner institutions. The project aims to unify professional development through a common foundation course for blended learning and develop a model for the formation of learning communities in academic faculties.

The University will build the capacity of academic departments for blended learning by adopting a grassroots approach towards development. It will emphasise the formation of professional learning communities, customised department-based support, the creation of a common vision and development of a prototype alternative model of professional development in higher education.

Development of High Quality E/Blended learning Materials for Honours Project I for Five-year BEd Programme (Phase I)

Project Leaders: Dr. Tang Yee Fan Sylvia, Dr. Qian Haiyan, Dr. Wong Wai Ho Savio

Departments: Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Department of Early Childhood Education, Department of Education Policy and Leadership, Department of Psychological Studies, Department of International Education and Lifelong Learning, and Department of Special Education and Counselling

Online course materials including audio / video resources were developed. Honours Project I will be launched for Year 4 students of the Five-year Bachelor of Education Programme in 2015/16. Each year, more than 500 students will learn with the e/blended learning materials of the Generic Research Methods part of the course. Students selecting Research Areas offered by the Faculty will also learn with the e/blended learning materials of the Discipline-based Research Methods part of the course.

Exploring Innovative Pedagogies in Blended Learning: Collaboration, Opportunities and Challenges

Project Leader(s): SZETO, Sing Ying Elson [EPL]; CHENG, Yan Ni Annie [EPL]; BRYANT, Darren Anthony [EPL]; LEE, Tai Hoi Theodore [EPL]

The project aimed to adopt a team approach to exploring innovative pedagogies in a blend of face-to-face teaching in digital classrooms with interactive online activities for extension of authentic learning. This collaboration strengthened team member capacity to exploit opportunities for blended and online learning, and exchanged ideas to cope with pedagogic challenges and technological integration.

Advancing Online Learning: Aligning Pedagogy, Course Design and ICT with Open-source Delivery

Project Leader(s): WALKER, Allan David [APCLC,EPL,FEHD] 

Despite the promise of web-based instruction, universities in Hong Kong have been slow to utilise available technology to produce quality courses, meet the changing learning needs of students, successfully engage a large number of teachers in innovative web learning technologies, tap emerging and non-traditional local and regional student markets, and increase their visibility in the Region.

This presents a gap in the instructional landscape; one brimming with potential for institutions wanting to break with a continued reliance on past learning paradigms, and establish a presence through high quality online courses.

This project focuses on the development and dissemination of cutting-edge closed and open source web-based, student-centered learning materials accessible from a range of static and portable devices. These modes of delivery and learning, such as podcasts and wikis, are relatively nascent and in need of further research into how they can be leveraged in the interest of student learning.

Building on knowledge collected during the development of an initial set of web-based courses for the IEMA programme, this project aims to extend EdUHK’s foray into online learning through the design of innovative online instructional resources using a range of pedagogies carefully integrated with social networking tools.

The deliverables include:

  1. A comprehensive, user-friendly template for designing web-based courses (available across the University);

  2. An organised collection of functioning open source courses using the IEMA programme courses as a set of demonstration courses which illustrate and elaborate on the practical options and potential for making EdUHK’s knowledge resources more broadly accessible; and

  3. Completion of the University‘s first fully web based programme (IEMA).

Beyond these deliverables, the project will have at least three other outcomes:

i.   Increased capacity among instructional staff to integrate new technology into their teaching;

ii.  A group of EdUHK faculty who can serve as ‘early adopters’ and coaches for other staff and programmes that wish to move in this direction; and

iii. Cross departmental cooperation between the LTTC, IT and APCLC/EPL departments which will leverage existing but largely untapped investments made by EdUHK in learning technologies. 

Using On-line Learning to Provide a Self-contained and Flexible Learning Environment for Post-graduate Students

Project Leader(s): KENNEDY, Kerry John [C&I,CGC]; HUI, Ming Fai Margaret ; BERRY RITA SHUK YIN ; NGAN, Ming Yan [C&I]; NG, Tsui San Teresa [C&I]; LIM Swee Eng, Audrey; HO, Fuk Chuen [CSENIE,SEC]; CHAN, Tsan Ming Kenneth [EPL] 

The project aimed to utilise two MEd modules to identify the features of on-line learning and create the appropriate learning environment for the participants. The investigators also explored the potential of educational media as well as the capacity of Blackboard to become a vehicle for providing feedback on student learning. 

Executive Master of Arts in International Educational Leadership and Change (IELC)

Project Leader: Dr. BRYANT Darren Anthony

The IELC is the EdUHK’s first online programme. It is delivered through the Moodle Learning Management System and eBooks. Online delivery permits asynchronous participation of international students. Further, the eLearning approach permits the use of a range of pedagogies including online presentation, simulations, and discussion forums. Students are impressed in general by the simulations that facilitate higher levels of learning. 

To learn more about the programme, please click here

Online Course Project for China Network

Project Leader: Dr. SZETO Sing Ying Elson

This project is a significant academic development of the University under the Wuhan Declaration. This agreement aims to share quality courses with students attending the partner universities as a professional community of higher education in the Greater China Region.

The course Teaching in Changing Times is the University’s first fully online undergraduate course developed by the academic team under the declaration. As a pioneer collaboration, the project demonstrates a breakthrough of teaching leadership across the six partner universities from the Mainland, Taiwan, and Macau. The outcomes of this academic development are expected to benefit interested students and the universities as a form of knowledge transfer/exchange in the Region.